est. '95


Klanklab (Richard Bekkers) was to be found behind the decks since 1995, inspired by amongst others Plastic Man jb3 etc

Soon he haunted the Dutch underground scene, from the squatted church in Breda to Northerlicht in Tilburg, and organized various events in the Den Bosch underground scene. Klanklab performs at a.o. the Boulevard Festival and the DB-surround Festival in Den Bosch, at 013 in Tilburg and the Effenaar in Eindhoven. In 2006 Richard started in the production team for Zodiak Commune, where he also regularly appeared as a DJ on stage in just a matter of time, which made the promotion to resident DJ in 2010 almost only a formality. In 2008 Richard starts the event platform Klanklab, in which his personal music preferences (Techno / Acid ) and interest in Audio Visual, Photography and Art is being reflected. Giving young artist a stage and a chance to perform.

His style is best described as quirky, tasty raw and somewhat experimental, making the name Dilemma indeed very suited for him. In search for the dynamics that make your stomach turn, Klanklab sucks you every time into a dynamic mix of Oldskool Acid and pumping Techno and acid; "Saucy and in one word Freak!", as he was recently announced on Fnoob Techno Radio.